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It sounds expensive ! Or how much does it cost ? Well the answer is it depends. There is a lot of variables when it comes into play, when you are working towards private pilot license. But to be honest its gonna cost you good chunk of change.

Here the topic covers not only the cost of private pilot license but also, cost saving tips that you can do along .

There are 2 ways you can get your private pilot’s license.

  • By going privately through an instructor
  • By going to school

So if we look in to going to a private instructor to take license. There are some standards ie the minimum to get your private license is 40 hours but most people are doing it on average of 65 hours to 70 hours.

Here we gonna take an average of 65 hours of training, So looking at cost there are few things to focus on, they are

  • Aircraft cost
  • Instructor cost
  • Ground school
  • Materials like books
  • Testing

Aircraft Cost for taking private pilot license

This is the single most expensive part of your training. The age, size, avionics, fuel consumption really dictates the price of rental, but older aircraft rent for less and newer one and well equipped rent for high price. But for this situation, we gonna take average cost that is 125 US dollars per hour including fuel usage and multiply that amount with 65 hours that is the average hour which equals 8125 US Dollars.

You can save money on aircraft rentals, by renting smaller and older airplanes. You can easily find an older airplanes renting at 85 US dollar per hour including fuel.

You could also invest money in buying an aircraft with partnership. If you have 2 or 3 people looking for training, you can share an amount and buy a pre owned aircraft, which will be cheaper.

Instructor Cost for taking private pilot license

It totally is based on experience of the trainer, the teaching style , their reputation all those matters. But on average it will cost around you 50 US Dollars per hour. And you would need 55 hours of training, that will be 55 hours multiplied with 50 dollar per hour which will cost 2750 US dollars for the instructor on average.Saving money on instructor can be very hard. But to save money on instructor is never waste time, manage your time accordingly , come prepared, ask for home works and extend your lesson times to at least for two hours.

Ground School for taking private pilot license

You can get it from different ways, you can get it from your instructor, you can get it from local course or even online. But the factors like how you learn or how long it takes to apply on that you have learned. For online courses it would cost you around 200 to 300 US dollars. Some online courses even offers like if you don’t pass written exam, money back guarantee.

Material for taking private pilot license

In pilot training you really need only some materials like sectional charts ,a book or two and a headset. The headset can from 100 to 1000 dollars. But all in you need to spend about 300 dollars. Saving money on materials is easy, but only what you need. In fact FAA publishes a lot of books online, you can read them learn them online easily, saving money on books.

Testing for taking private pilot license

Your testing has to be done in a testing centre, its gonna cost you around 100 to 150 US dollars. The last 2 test oral and check ride are usually bundled together under same, it cost around 500 to 700 US dollars.

So checking out prices all together considering training for 65 hours on average

$8,125 Aircraft

$2750 Instructor

$300 Ground School

$850 Testing

$375 for plane rentals

This will be an average charge to get private pilot lisensce if you get trained privately, and

Cost for taking pilot license from school

Usually private schools charge you around 15 000 to 19000 US dollars, with a nice package

Top 5 tips to reduce cost to get your private pilot license

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