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Types Of Website

There are 2 types of websites mainly static and dynamic.Static website means there are no much actions happening in the website, all the pages will be static.Mainly small business or portfolio who wants to just display the details of their company details a contact form comes under static websites.While a dynamic website means there are lot of or alteast some function happening.For example ecommerce websites,real estate portals business directory listing website etc comes under these categories.

Things to check in a website

  • Mobile friendly
  • Should have a contact form
  • Should have good loading speed
  • SEO friendly
  • Good server response time

WordPress Website Vs Custom Website

Website can be made either by website creating sites like wordpress/wix or by custom coding.Wordpress/wix offers wide range of premade templates that suits our business.we can choose a plan from wordpress and any template that suits our business can be taken and altered to our needs.To do so an expert wordpress/wix developer is required.In a custom made website,all the contents and designs are made from scratch or custom according to the user requirements.Every websites are one time payment only

Domain and Server

A Domain name also called the website adress say for example is a domain name. Similarly if you start a business or you need a website to actually need to buy a domain name which will be done by the website development company. A server is a space where you can store or save your website files.Where everyone worldwide can access your website.The thing to note down in domain name and server is it needs to be renewed every year.

Usually every domain and server providers have an option to buy it for a long period of time. If you dont renew the domain name for a long time.It will not be under your custody and someone might will buy it.But even if you dont renew the server its not an issue it can be purchased again. But the domain name should be kept under your cusotdy at any cost.Most of the companies have same renewal charges.There are lot of server and domain providers out there.We personally suggest godaddy which have a good server response time.

What is Domain Transfer & How To Transfer your domain

Domain transfer means, transferring your domain from one hosting provider to another hosting provider this is called domain transfer.

You need an EEP code or authentication code from your domain registrar to transfer domain, Without EEP code you cant transfer your domain, also the domain should be in active status while transferring your domain.

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