22 Ways that help you make money online, that really works

1.Selling any services or skills that you have

This is one of main passive income you can generate in your career also develop the skill and get more clients.For example if you have skills like website development,designing,interior designing or any skills ,just sell that skill to people.Find potential clients through social media or social media campaigns, ads through google. Get their work done and earn a good amount of money for your service.

make money online

2.Blogging in internet or google

Blogging can earn a lot of money.Simply start a website, it can be any type of website, say a blogging site or a niche sites etc.The main purpose is write good content with at least 1500 to 3000 words blog .That’s it, if you got a good content and ranks in google and get good traffic to your page.You can monetize your website with google and earn a lot of money.To bring traffic to your website there are lot of ways.Learn more about digital marketing.


Selling any services on fiverr can help you earn a lot of money.If you have any skills say for example a good voice , then hats off a lot of people in fiverr is looking for a voice over for their product ,the only thing you have to do is create an account post some good voice of yours in languages you can speak.That’s it and wait for people to hire you and your work.Skills can be anything editing, designing coding etc.


Upwork is similar to Fiverr .Just create an account in upwork and do the same.


Youtube is one of the main source to make a lot amount of money. Simply start a youtube channel.The channel can be anything , a vlog channel, cooking channel, technology related channel.Create good content videos and post the videos its as simple as you read. If your content is good and if you have 1000 subscribers and 400 watch hours , you can monetize your channel and earn money.

youtube advertisement
make money online

6.Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from Amazon. It’s totally free to join.

7.Amazon FBA Business

Amazon FBA business means you tie up with a business owner or buy products from him at the cheapest price , or you can get some products from wholesalers ,where cost will be cheap , and you as a seller in Amazon sell these products.Good amount of money flows to your account in this way.

8.Content writing

If you got a skill in writing or if you talent or much knowledge in specific topics, start writing contents regarding that topics.In the global market the content marketing have a good demand and the price per word is much more than you imagine.Learn more about content marketing .

make money online by content writing

9.Start a facebook or instagram page

Thinking how to make money from a facebook page? here is how to make money from facebook page. Start a facebook page, the page can be anything that have public interest in it. Say for example memes sharing page or any photographs sharing page, cooking related page or any page . The motive is get more followers to your page by posting regular contents also allow followers to post content to your page , get more followers, after reaching a good level of followers seek to some companies ask them if they need to post their ad in your facebook page ,since you get good amount of followers and charge them.

10.Become a delivery guy

Lot of food delivery company or ecommerce company have option to be a delivery guy.Which can help you generate income.

11.Become a uber driver

Becoming an uber driver can earn a lot of money.The only thing you have to do is register online with uber company to be a driver. That’s it!

12.Sell on your education

Most of the secondary as well as primary school students go for tuition apart from school education. Starting something like that , to give coaching to students can give you lot money in your wallet

13.Selling your old books

There might be a lot of books you have left in your shelf , which you are not using it now. You can easily list your old books in Amazon market place where it gets sold out and earn money.

14.Baby Sitting

In most of small families husband and wife go for job, so when they have child under 5 years old, its not easy for them to go to work.So in that cases you can actually take care of baby or children during the day time.

15.Dog sitting or walking

Lot of people out there care too much for their puppies or dogs, and sometime they don’t even get enough time to go for a walk with their pets. So dog sitting or walking is a better way to earn money if you like doing it.

16.Renting out a single room of your home

No matter where you live , you have a lot of foreigners coming to your country for leisure, and they look for a room to stay.Some one look village areas to stay some may look cities to stay, no matter what they looking for they need a good room to stay. Or even some paying guest will come ask you for the room.You can list your room in sites like airbnb .Where a large volume of people search in airbnb for room for thier vaccation.

17.Being a broker

There are lot of potential customers out there for property,lands,homes or any other product. Being a broker can a lot of money especially in real estate field.

18.Start an agency

Start a service provide agency with one person who can work for you on commission basis or low amount. Or even partner with a friend , find clients and do business.

19.Selling Software

If you have a coding skills, make some applications and sell it people or sell those application in envato market.Envato is a place where people sell and buy codes.

make money online

20.Selling photos

If you know how to click good photos , you can sell these photos in shutter stock , unsplash etc.

21.Buy and sell domain name

Domain name or simply website address can earn a lot of money.Buy some domain name in godaddy or other domain selling websites. buy some domain names , which is very cheap, and sell it for a very good price, millions of money can be made from this.The thing is buy a domain you feel relevant and good and people might be interested in buying it.

22.Doing part time jobs

Lots of companies are looking for part time employees nowadays.since they cant afford to have a fully paid employee, so you can do part time job and earn money.

How to make money online

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