Social Media Marketing Tips & Things To Note Down In 2020

social media marketing
social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the main startegies that cannot be excluded in the coming future even though content marketing plays a key role , social media marketing too plays a major role in marketing.For different business different startegies are implemented,say for example for ecommerce business social media marketing play the main role rather than search engine optimisation SEO. While say for a small business or local business both social media marketing as well as SEO works at the same time.There are different platforms to perform social media campaign they are facebook, linkedin, youtube, instagram, pinterest, snapchat.For each business model each platforms are choosen wisely. Instagram even though there are lot of users out there, instagram can be used mainly for publicity in most business models, but where as say like business industry that fall in food, cloth, jewels or architecture benifits from instagram in a certain kind of way. Pinterest plays a good role in getting traffic to your site.If you have a good number of post per month with relatively good content , pinterest can drive a good amount of traffic

1.Facebook Ads

There are differnt categories involved in facebook marketing say lead generation, getting traffic to your website, conversion etc.each type of campaign have its own features and benifits.Lead generation is used to get details of prospects , traffic is used to drive more customers to your website.There are lot of things to note down in facebook campaign.

  • Try to avoid instagram while performing lead generation campaign in facebook.
  • Try to make the art work looks good in terms of design and color.
  • Use content in a way that will make thing the prospect, create a curiosity.
  • If a campaign doesnt perform well try to chnge the art work, or change the content.
  • Always narrow down your audience level.
  • Broad audience level doesnt mean you get a good number of result. It will increase your CPC cost per click rate.
  • Target the exact audiences you are looking for.Dont include all kind of audience who is not interested in your business.

Try to add audiences who have interest in your business.A boy aged 18 doesnt have any interest in properties ,so running a fb campaign to people under 18 or between 18 to 24 will not be a good idea since they are not ready to buy or not a descion maker at this age , so this will reduce the cpc [cost per click ]which is good for a campaign.Try to add bid to your campaign bid means you decide how much amount should spend for cpc.Suppose your budget is $1000 and you bid it at $100 , which means a lead should not go beyond $100 it should either fall inside $100 or it should be $100 thats is so what the usage of bid in fb marketing.Try to do A/B testing if you dont know the business model and how much does its gonna cost for a single cpc try to run A/B test , which means 2 separate same campaign are run in different ways to check which campaign is performing well. In a way we can get a conclusion to choose , which to continue and which to not continue also we can get a average cpc spent for each campaign.


Youtube is a good source to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website, You can even monetize your channel when you have 1000 subscribers and 400 watch hours, and earn a good amount of cash from youtube too,Apart from that 80% of people nowadays watch youtube.So posting some videos related to your business, say for example you are a real estate company or car selling company then, post videos related to your business , that people love. This way a huge amount of traffic is generated to your website and better conversion.


Linkedin can drive professional customers to your business. Most of the linkedin users are professionals working in different industries.And the level of their profession varies from CTO,CEO to Manager,entry level employees.For High profile business like, real estate investing, stock investment, Immigrations, Linkedin works very well, where as for ecommerce industries linkedin doesnt show much results compared to other social media channels.


Pinterest can deliver a good amount of traffic to your business.The only thing to do is post high quality images to pinterest daily.It is organic and can generate a good amount of leads automatically.


medium is one of the social media sites that can generate leads or traffic. Usually articles regarding our business niche is posted daily in medium even though it comes under SEO , medium is a social media channel.Similarly reddit,blogger, all comes under social media channel, good content is posted on a regular basis in these sites to engage traffic to our website.


Reddit have a huge audience.And It can generate unbelievable amount of leads from it.Post some content related to your business.When people search for that or when they see that post ,all the audience will get converted to sales.

How To Get Website Traffic From Social Media

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