3 Simple tricks that works to access your laptop or desktop files remotely using your phone within 5 minutes.

1.Chrome remote desktop method

Yes you can access your laptop or desktop files from your phone remotely within 5 minutes. Only thing you have to do is install an application in both laptop and phone. In laptop/desktop install the chrome remote desktop application available in chrome store.

Secondly install chrome remote desktop in your phone.

After setting up and installing the application in desktop/laptop as well as in mobile/tablet. Open remote desktop in chrome in your desktop.login to your email account, make sure you use the same email in phone to access the account.

Next you will be asked to setup the remote desktop in pc

Then choose your pin

Open the application in your phone, login to the same email id that you are already logged in your desktop/pc. Then enter the pin .That’s it now you can access your laptop/desktop using your phone remotely.

2.Team Viewer

By installing team viewer in your pc/laptop as well as in mobile phone you can access,view,delete your files in laptop using phone.

Using the id and password generated automatically by team viewer, you can paste the credentials in your phone by opening the team viewer application in mobile.

3.Cloud Storage

Using cloud storage like drop box, google drive and certain other applications you can access your files.Upload the files and documents you need to access to the cloud, then using your phone you can access these files anywhere and anytime.

How to access laptop files from phone

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